Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Thing #23

Nothing I learned was very earth shattering to me. I did find some new websites to check out through the Web 2.0 Awards. WorldCat and NetLibrary was new to me. Being in my early 20s, I've done most of the other parts of the challenge before.

Thing #22

I think ListenNJ will be better once they are compatible with zune and ipod. I only listen to my ipod in the car nowadays. I really don't like getting read books, I'm more of a read it myself girl. ListenNJ is not something I will use for myself until maybe when I'm old. It was very simple and its really great for people who like audio books!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thing #21

powered by ODEO

Easy to do podcasts.... just not that exciting.

Thing #20

Just a few music videos!! I saw Toby Keith in February and I'm going to see Rhett Akins right after staff development day in AC!!

Don't play them all at once!

Thing #19

For real estate was a very good site to use. I have actually been looking into real esate a lot and I like how it tells you the estimated value of the house.

And also Facebook because I have one and it's fun to use!

Thing #18

Google Docs is a really handy program. I can see its purpose for when a specific document that needs updating like the status change for new books. If we have it on one computer (as we do currently) that terminal needs to be available when a person needs to update it. If it were on multiple computers, all the copies would not be updated simultaneously like it would if we used Google Docs.

Thing #17

Pbwiki is a very good idea on how to control who gets to edit the information. It is definitely good for businesses and groups. It was very simple to use!